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Check out our frequently asked questions below, if they don't answer a question of yours please give us an email or a call.

What is the minimum age?

Our Mini Monkeys Class is open to those aged 5 and 6.
All of our other instructed sessions the minimum age is 7.

What should I wear?

For all instructed climbing sessions you will need to wear comfortable clothes that you can move around in, jeans are not advised as they restrict your movement. Crop tops or any tops that display your midriff are not appropriate.
Shorts are absolutely fine to wear as long as they are sensible.
We advise that you wear well-fitting trainers (shoes are not included in Taster Sessions, 1:1's, Birthday Parties or Groups Sessions but you can rent them for £2 a pair).
All under 18's on instructed sessions will be required to wear a helmet so please ensure that all hair styles are appropriate for a fitted helmet.

What shall I bring?

You can bring some drinks and snacks with you, but we do have a cafe here which is open everyday.
There are small storage boxes at the centre for any of your belongings.
There are toilets, changing and showering facilities at Dynamic Rock.

Do I have to complete a form?

Yes, you will have to complete a registration form, you can do this before you arrive to save time:-

Taster Session - Supervised Adult Climber
                           Supervised Junior Climbers

Birthday Parties will get a form on arrival or ask for it to be emailed to you in advance.

Can people come and watch?

Yes, spectators are more than welcome. There is a cafe at the top of the building and a balcony overlooking the main climbing area.

Do I need to get there early?

Please arrive for your sessions 10 minutes early to allow you to get through reception ready for your session.

Is there parking?

Yes, there is a car park directly outside the climbing centre.

What if I can't make it and have to cancel?

That is fine, just give us a call before your session is due to start and you can re-arrange your booking for another time.

What if I am scared of heights or nervous?

Not a problem. We take all of our session at a pace that suits you, just let your instructor know at the beginning of the session and we will help you to build up your confidence throughout your session. 

 Where are you?

We are based just of the M4 at J45, a short drive into the village of Clydach and we are situated in 'the old public hall'. We are just a short 30 minute drive from Carmarthen or Bridgend. 

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