Introduction to Bouldering

Bouldering Room is currently closed due to recent flooding.

If you are looking to get into bouldering but don't know where to start then to Bouldering Introduction is the session for you. This one-hour session, run by one of our friendly and knowledgeable instructors, aims to help you 'get to grips' with everything bouldering from room etiquette right through to the fundamentals bouldering techniques. Once the session is complete you are encouraged to stick around and put into practice all that you have learnt.

The Introduction to Bouldering can be booked in at any time. If we have the availability, we'd be more than happy to accommodate you. Please contact us to make a booking. Please note that these sessions are open to those aged 14+

£15 for a 1-hour session

Why Bouldering? We have put together a list of a few reasons why we think Bouldering rocks!

* Highly social activity allowing groups of climbers to enjoy each other's highs and lows, giving positive feedback and critique.

* Unlike other climbing disciplines, bouldering promotes interaction between climbers of all abilities. 

* Bouldering incorporates all aspects of climbing, both physically and mentally.

* It is a fun and interactive way of getting fit as bouldering uses the whole body from your fingertips, through the core right down to your toes. 

* Some see Bouldering as the purest form of climbing - without restriction (or aid) of a rope or any other equipment (just safety matting).

* You can boulder alone or part of a group.

* All you need is some climbing shoes and some chalk

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