Learn to Lead Course

learn to lead 

Over two sessions, this course will introduce you to all of the skills necessary to lead climb at indoor climbing facilities*. We cover many topics over this time, including clipping, lead belaying, falling, problem-solving and avoidance, and route selection.

These technical skills are delivered alongside constant technique coaching – a vital and often overlooked part of leading that we believe to be necessary for building the skills to be a confident lead climber. Lead Climbing adds new elements to climbing that enhance the challenge. That 3+ slab you’re used to belting out for warm-up will look totally different – daunting at first, perhaps, until our instructors ease you safely into the mindset of a lead climber, giving you the essential skills along the way.

  • All equipment will be provided
  • All climbers must be 18 years +

Price: £60

*Subject to other walls entry policies.


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