Membership Agreement

Dynamic Rock Adventures Ltd Membership Agreement

This agreement is for anyone who pays a monthly S/O, has a yearly membership or buys 1 month memberships, by taking out a standing order, a yearly membership or by buying a 1 month membership you are agreeing to the following agreement.

- When purchasing a 1 year membership this membership will run 365 days from the day that you buy the membership.

- When starting a S/O it is your responsibility to ensure that the S/O runs monthly for a minimum or 3 months for the correct amount, (this 3 month minimum is exempt from the 2020 January S/O offer of £24 a month).

- You may pay for 1 months membership at Dynamic Rock Climbing Centre, the membership will run for 31 days from the day it has been taken out.

This is an Agreement between you, the Member, and Dynamic Rock Adventures Ltd, a company registered in England And Wales (registration number 06493834), whose registered office is at 16-18 Hebron Road, Clydach, Swansea, SA6 5EJ (“us” or “we”).

Our registration process is a web-based process, you can complete the online registration either on the website or at Dynamic Rock Adventures LTD. By registering you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of Dynamic Rock Climbing Centre.

Our membership terms are set out below.


Conditions of Use: The rules governing your conduct as set out in our terms and conditions of use.

Membership – Your rights

This Membership Agreement starts once you have read and understood the membership terms and conditions, the membership terms are as follows:-

  1. You are entitled to access and to use the climbing centre during normal opening hours. We will make reasonable endeavours to communicate to you in advance if we are unable to make available to you the rights and privileges of Membership.
  2. You have the right to cancel your membership at any time without giving any reason (after three months for S/O members) (or after 1 month for those signing up for the January 2020 S/O offer).
  3. No charge will be made for cancellation.
  4. No payment or refund will be made as a result of you cancelling your Membership.
  5. You may complain to us by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  6. This Membership Agreement starts once you have accepted the terms during the online joining process and once you take out your membership.
  7. If your membership includes free kit hire for you and your guests, you can hire enough kit for one person. A guest is someone who is signed in under your supervision, you can sign in up to two guest per daily visit.
  8. Gold membership entitles you to 10% off some items in the Dynamic Rock shop in reception, these items are specified in the Dynamic Rock reception.
  9. Adult Gold Memberships get free access to coaching sessions at Dynamic Rock, these coaching sessions will be put on at Dynamic Rock by Dynamic Rock staff as open coaching sessions for all abilities, they will be ran infrequently and the cost for non-members could be at a cost or free also.

Membership - Your Obligations

  1. You agree to comply with the Conditions of Use of Dynamic Rock which are available to read on our website or you can request a paper copy of them at reception.
  2. You consent to, and waive any and all claims in respect of, your image being recorded by 24 hour CCTV for security purposes and reviewed at our discretion by our employees and contractors.
  3. You will be liable for any damage caused to our equipment or facilities through your negligent use.
  4. You consent to incidental inclusion in marketing photographs of our premises that we may take from time to time.
  5. You agree that you have understood our privacy policy which is available on our website.
  6. You agree to tell us immediately of any changes to your personal details including contact information.

Memberships - Our Obligations

  1. We will make reasonable endeavours to communicate to you in advance if we are unable to make available to you the rights and privileges of Membership. If the climbing centre closes indefinitely this Agreement will end and there will be no payment or refund will be made as a result.
  2. We will endeavour to reopen the facilities as soon as is reasonably possible in circumstances where we are required to close or restrict facilities for any reason.
  3. We will securely store recorded CCTV footage in accordance with our privacy policy which is available to read on our website.

Memberships - Our Rights

  1. We may terminate this Agreement and cancel your Membership with immediate effect on notice to you if you breach any of the Conditions of Use (available on the Dynamic Rock website or you can ask for a paper copy at reception) in this event you will no longer be able to access any of our facilities and we will not give any refund.
  2. If we do not terminate your Membership if you breach any of the Conditions of Use, we may subsequently enforce the terms of this Agreement.
  3. We may assign the benefit of this Agreement and our rights to a third party provided we give you notice and your rights under this Agreement will not be prejudiced.
  4. Dynamic Rock Adventures Limited, its parent companies, its agents, employees and subcontractors are not liable for any loss, damage or theft of any of your property that you bring onto any of our premises. If such loss, damage or theft is caused by the negligent acts or omissions of Dynamic Rock Adventures Limited or its agents, employees or subcontractors, our liability to you will be limited to £500.
  5. We may close our premises with reasonable notice and at our discretion for reasonable periods of time to carry out maintenance, repairs, refurbishment or cleaning or for other reasons outside of our control. We will not be responsible to you for not being able to access our facilities in these circumstances.
  6. We are not liable for any injury you suffer through the incorrect use of our equipment of facilities.
  7. We may make reasonable changes to the Conditions of Use and to the Membership Agreement terms and conditions at any time.

Other Clauses

  1. Only the persons named in the online joining process can benefit from this Agreement.
  2. If any of the terms of this Agreement are invalid, unenforceable or illegal the remaining terms can still be enforced.
  3. This Agreement is governed by the law of England and Wales.
  4. You should print a copy of this Agreement for future reference.
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