Equipment Hire

For those who don’t have their own equipment or forgot an essential piece of kit, there’s no need to worry. At Dynamic Rock, you can hire everything you need; Shoes, Harnesses, helmets and belay devices.

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route setting

All of the Dynamic Rock route setters are dedicated climbers or boulderers who bring a variety of styles to the routes and problems to the wall. This makes sure we’ve got something for everyone, whether you like steep jug pulling, delicate slab smearing or technical corner climbing we have got it

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Times & Prices

Competent climbers will be required to register for unsupervised climbing on their first visit. There is a registration fee of £2 along with a knot competency test.

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Balcony Café

Set on the mezzanine, the Balcony Café has the best view in the centre. Overlooking the main climbing walls it is a place for both climbers and visitors to relax and sit back and watch others do the hard work. The cafe offers a selection of drinks, cakes and confectionary for spectators to enjoy, or as a quick pick-me-up between routes, including freshly ground coffee and speciality teas.

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Rock Climbing