DYNO! Youth Climbing Competition

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Registration for the DYNO Rock Climbing Competition is now closed, you must have registered to enter the competition, you cannot just turn up. The DYNO competition is a fun and friendly competition! The competition is top rope climbing only, we have chosen to do top-roped climbing only to open the competition up to more climbers.

If you have registered your interest and would still like to attend the competition please call to pay (£10) to secure your space by 10th June 2019.

9:00am - 9:30am - Registration*
9:30am - Group Warm Up ran by Dynamic Rock
10:00am - Competition Starts

  • All climbers will be given 5 routes in their category
  • They will have 2.5 hours to climb the routes
  • Routes can be climbed in any order they’d like
  • Climbers cannot rest on the rope, if they do that is the climbers attempt over, the same applies if any climbers fall off a route.
  • All routes will be judged fairly

12:30pm - Competition Over
12:30pm til 1:30pm - BBQ
1:30pm - Results

The Bouldering Room will be open for the duration of the event and it will be staffed.
We will be having a BBQ that will have vegetarian options.
We will have Gower Doughnuts for sale as well as teas, coffees and cold drinks.
There will be face painting!
There will be a photographer at the event.

*Registration -  everyone entering will have to have complete a Dynamic Rock Registration form (if you have already done one you do not need to do this again) - you can do this before you come down - CLICK HERE!

To help the competition run smoothly we will be relying on volunteers, if you would like to help us out on the day we'd really appreciate it. We need help with belaying, judging, admin, cheering people on and the BBQ. If you can lend a hand please let us know ASAP by emailing Rosie on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. All volunteers will be fed and watered as a thank you! 


  • Each category will have five routes, routes will be numbered 1 – 5 in order of difficulty.
    1 & 2 – easier
    3 & 4 – medium
    5 – hard
  • Routes will be marked using a single colour of holds, any other holds on the route may be for another category or not for the use of the competition. Your belayer/judge will make you aware of this.
  • Competitors can choose the order in which they attempt the routes.
  • Competitors will indicate which route they wish to try by handing the judge of the route their score card. The score card will be added to the que of other competitors.
  • A successful flash of a route is one that has been climbed without:
    - falling off
    - resting on the rope
    - using the correct colours all the way to the finishing hold
  • An unsuccessful attempt at a route will include:
    - falling off
    - exceeding the climbing time limit
    - using any hand holds or foot holds not permitted as part of the route
    - uses any part of the wall that is not part of the route e.g. quickdraws, bolts, signage.
  • The score is determined by the use of hand holds on the route, the competitors will not be made aware of the designated points per holds, but they will be aware of their score.
  • If a climber falls off or rests on the rope their attempt will be over, their score will be taken from the last handhold they used before falling or resting on the rope.
  • The results of the competition will be displayed at the end of the event and they will be uploaded to the Dynamic Rock website.

The DYNO Youth Climbing Competition has been created to allow children to enter a fun and relaxed climbing competition. The competition will be judged fairly. Should you have any issues with any competitor result this should be brought to the attention of the event organisers before the competitor climbs any more routes.

The categories are:- 

7 & 8 Boys
7 & 8 Girls
9 & 10 Boys
9 & 10 Girls
11 & 12 Boys
11 & 12 Girls
13 & 14 Boys
13 & 14 Girls
15 & 16 Boys
15 & 16 Girls

 If you have any questions regarding the competition please drop us an email on - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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