Exciting News - we are now a not-for-profit organisation

Dynamic Rock - providing opportunities, experiences and access to rock climbing for the climbing and wider community.

Since its conception in 2004, Dynamic Rock has provided a community-based approach to the provision of indoor and outdoor climbing activities, serving as a much needed, accessible, friendly centre for climbers from all walks of life. At Dynamic Rock, we pride ourselves on having a friendly, supportive and efficient team who all have something different to offer and who create a social atmosphere where you can share experiences, chat and pass on skills and tips. Having opened its doors in 2006, the climbing centre has seen over 16,000 individuals register to climb on its walls, and has helped introduce climbing to a range of people from school goers to adult community groups.

The founders and employees of Dynamic Rock are proud of the social impact that the centre has had over the 12 years of operation, and is excited about the future prospects. Indoor bouldering and climbing are becoming one of the UK's fastest growing sports, with more people than ever climbing indoors as a sport in its own right – a trend that is expected to increase with climbing being featured in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games. In order to align the company’s legal structure with its core social values, we have officially become a social enterprise.

As of 1st December 2017, Dynamic Rock Adventures Ltd will become a not-for-profit organisation, ensuring that any profits are reinvested back into the climbing centre to better serve the local climbing community that it represents.

The company's activities will provide benefit to, people of all ages who would usually be unable to access climbing and related activities – generally targeting audiences when they are known to reach key life stages/ages and communities where barriers to sport and physical activities are greatest. These include:

  • Teenagers
  • Young adults leaving education
  • Adults having a family
  • Adults who are over 45/pre-retirement
  • In areas of multiple deprivation
  • Amongst people with disabilities
  • In ethnic minority communities
  • For women and girls generally

The company will work with other organisations, local groups, and community-based projects to arrange and manage the provision of climbing and related activities to groups of individuals who otherwise would be unable to access climbing as a sport.

We look forward to you joining us in this exciting new chapter of Dynamic Rock - Swansea’s indoor climbing centre.

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