Dynamic Rock Adult Climbers

We are open - competent adult/junior climbers information.

Temporary Opening hours for casual climbing - 

Tuesday 4:00 - 9:00pm
Wednesday 4:00 - 9:00pm
Thursday 4:00 - 9:00pm
Saturday 11:00am - 6:00pm

Climbing slots are two hours long, slots are available to be booked at the following times - 

Weekdays      Saturdays
4:00pm          11:00am
5:00pm          12:00pm
6:00pm          1:00pm
7:00pm          2:00pm
8:00pm          3:00pm

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Please book one slot per person attending as this counts towards our centre capacity.

Your visit to Dynamic Rock

  • Booking is compulsory to ensure we stick to our centre safe capacity.
  • Face masks are mandatory on arrival, in reception, on the stairs and when visiting the toilets. 
  • We have introduced a pre-booking measure for casual climbing, you cannot currently just turn up to climb.
  • Check our new temporary opening hours before planning your visit and make sure you book a climbing slot.
  • The changing rooms are temporarily closed, please arrive in the clothes you wish to climb in.
  • Shoe hire is still available but it is compulsory that you wear socks when using hire shoes.
  • We are now a cash-free facility, we will be only accepting card payments.

We kindly ask all customers to maintain good hygiene during their visits to Dynamic Rock, you are required to sanitise your hands on entry and follow our guidelines when using reception and the rest of the centre.

Our aim is to keep your visits to the centre as safe and as fun as possible, with your cooperation, this will can be achieved. Just like everywhere we now visit now there are going to be some changes. These changes are for your safety and our staffs' safety.


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