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route setting

All of the Dynamic Rock route setters are dedicated climbers or boulderers who bring a variety of styles to the routes and problems to the wall. This makes sure we’ve got something for everyone, whether you like steep jug pulling, delicate slab smearing or technical corner climbing we have got it

All of our setting dates go out in our monthly newsletter and updates are always on all social media - Facebook and Twitter

Please be aware that there will be a disturbance to the climbing centre on the day of setting and the day before. For more information please give us a call or check in the house posters. 


13th January - Routes
7th February - Bouldering Room - Bouldering Bonanza (Bouldering Competition)
24th February - Routes
10th March - Routes
17th March - Bouldering Room
26th April - Bouldering Room
29th April - Routes
19th May - Routes
2nd June - Bouldering Room
13th June - Routes
14th June - Routes
15th September - Routes & Bouldering Room
7th October - Routes
14th October - Routes
25th October - Routes
4th November - Routes
11th November - Routes
2020 dates coming soon.


4th February - Bouldering Room 
25th February - Routes
8th March - Bouldering Room
18th March - Routes
8th April - Bouldering Room
15th April - Routes
6th May - Routes
20th May - Bouldering Room
15th June - Routes
29th June - Bouldering Room
17th August - Bouldering Room
23rd August - Routes
6th September - Routes
16th September - Bouldering Room
23rd September - Routes
25th October - Bouldering Room - now main hall due to flooding
11th November - Routes
23rd November - Bouldering Room
23rd December - Routes
23rd December - Bouldering Room


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  • RS4

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