Information for NICAS candidates

On this page you should be able to find all the required links and tools for NICAS Level 3, 4 and 5.


Demonstrates detailed knowledge of climbing equipment commonly used

Click and download the link below for all the information you need, you will be asked questions about the information so read closely!


Retrieve information from a website

Pick three of the following questions - write the questions on a piece of paper and answer them

Name three types of rock that are climbed on in the U.K.
How many different disciplines of climbing are there and what are they?
What is the hardest grade that has ever been climbing for a) Sport Climbing b) Trad Climbing
Who is the current Bouldering World Champion (Female)? - write down three facts about them.
Who is the current Bouldering World Champion (Male)? - write down three facts about them.
Who is Jonny Dawes? Tell us 5 facts about him.
Who is Libby Peter? Tell us 5 facts about her.
Who is Hazel Findlay? Tell us 5 facts about her.

Describe a climbing film

There are lots of awesome climbing video's out there, feel free to search for your own, but some we love and recommend are -

Alex Honnold Climbs El Sendero Luminoso, Mexico
How Shauna Coxsey became world Bouldering Champion 
Hazel Findlay
Margo Hayes sends La Rambla 9a+
Sasha DiGiulian climbing in South Africa
Sasha DiGiulian - Amerincan Hustle
Alex Honnold in North Wales
Deep Water Soloing
Eliot Stephens - Dreams of Granite (the man who sets the Bouldering Room)
Eliot Stephen - Outdoor Bouldering - North Wales
Indoor Bouldering Competition 
Indoor Bouldering Clips


Information on quickdraws - CLICK HERE

Information on rope types - CLICK HERE


Rock Climbing